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Dr. Wolfram Vogel

Managing director

Political Strategic Advisors

Public Affairs have become decisive for business success. We help you in developing the adequate political strategy for your company. 

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Professor Dr. Karl Jurka

Senior Consultant

Political Strategic Advisors

With our Europe-wide network and tailor-made strategies for our clients we represent your business interests at political level. Our success is reflected in the success of our clients.

Public Affairs for your interests

Committed professional work is key and the secret to success of sustainable public affairs strategies. Years of expertise in dealing with political systems and a variety of challenges of our clients make us experts in the field of lobbying. As such, we consider ourselves interpreters between the public and the private sector. We speak both languages and on behalf of our clients we find the right words to sustainably position your interests. Our tailor-made strategies are as unique as your challenges. Our success is reflected in the success of our clients.

initial consultation

You are facing a difficult challenge? Then, it is probably as important to you with whom you work as it is for us. Meet us and our consultants for a first informal and non-binding consultation.


What you can expect...

You can rely on

Our clients value our confidentiality and can rely on our business ethics

Appointments, consultations, confirmations – We know the rhythm of industry

We are renowned, experienced, and internationally well-connected experts in our fields

We respond to the needs of our clients and represent them to the best of our knowledge and belief

We find the right strategy for every problem. We are flexible but never lose sight of our goals

Our services

Your concerns put into the right words and the right place. We represent your interests with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. In the area of public affairs, we draw from many years of experience and are your first contact for lobbying in Germany, France, Austria and throughout the European Union.

We understand systems and use them to your advantage. Extensive research and analysis form the basis for a deeper understanding of your challenges and your circumstances. In so doing, we perform an in-depth research on your issues, identify the right stakeholders, multipliers and leverage points in politics.

We identify opportunities and challenges at an early stage and monitor sensitive developments and their implications from the very beginning. We establish an early warning system for your issues on political level and draw your attention to potential risks.

We are experts on EU affairs. With our expertise we will assist you in navigating this delicate and complex system and help you to achieve a breakthrough.  

Effective and sustainable work with political systems is a skill, which we love to share. In working with our clients, we do not make a secret out of our proven methods and are happy to provide in-house training for their employees to the success and benefit of both parties.

We operate in different markets throughout Europe. Public affairs and lobbying have long crossed national borders and now present a transnational challenge. With offices in Berlin, Paris and Vienna as well as regular presence in Brussels we can react and influence systems quickly and effectively.

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