European interest representation

European interest representation

The European dimension

Today Europe is more than the single market and the four freedoms: there is hardly any policy area without a European dimension. Sustainable and successful public affairs must therefore always consider the European level. For many years now Jurka P.S.A has been successfully lobbying and shaping legislative proposals for its clients at European level. Professional competence, a sustainable network in many capitals and across the EU institutions together and with our many years of experience in decision-making processes make us a highly valued interlocutor in Brussels.


With our offices in Berlin, Paris and Vienna as well as our regular presence in Brussels, we identify issues at an early stage and find partners and allies through our network of stakeholders in capitals, their permanent representations, and the EU institutions. As most European decisions are still prepared and finally taken on a national level, this is our starting point for making your interests heard.

Key points of our services

Our team of internationally experienced public affairs and lobbying experts act as interpreters between the public and the private sector and as intermediators between the various national political cultures. Using this competence, they pave the way to success for your issues.

A well connected team

A sustainable and broad network of contacts, trusted interlocutors and multipliers in capitals and at EU level is invaluable.

Political cultures

Europe is politically heterogenous and shaped by different cultures. We understand and know how to use them.

National level

Successful European interest representation starts in national capitals. Brussels alone is not enough. Working closely with national governments is our daily business.  


European decision-making processes are complex and potentially lengthy. We know how to navigate them and will work relentlessly to reach your goals.

initial consultation

You are facing a difficult challenge? Then, it is probably as important to you with whom you work as it is for us. Meet us and our consultants for a first informal and non-binding consultation.

What you can expect...

You can rely on

Our clients value our confidentiality and can rely on our business ethics

Appointments, consultations, confirmations – We know the rhythm of industry

We are renowned, experienced, and internationally well-connected experts in our fields

We respond to the needs of our clients and represent them to the best of our knowledge and belief

We find the right strategy for every problem. We are flexible but never lose sight of our goals

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