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Converting our know-how into your competitive edge

We, the members of the team of Jurka P.S.A., consider ourselves all-round experts in the field of European politics and insiders to the European political scene. Our highly-qualified, experienced consultants take a goal-oriented and comprehensive cross-sector approach. Thanks to our Europe-wide network, Our Europe-wide network enables us to provide you with detailed information on every topic and solutions to any possible problem. When it comes to the challenges of the constantly changing European political scene, our experts are raising the bar.



Our core-competence is lobbying at the level of Europe’s capitals: We represent the interests of our clients within the national and European decision-making processes, our primary focus lays on Berlin, Paris, Vienna and the European institutions.


Through a close cooperation with our client we ensure that their image at EU level corresponds to their needs and objectives. Within the framework of our projects, we provide our clients with a wealth of experience and sound expert knowledge acquired throughout the past 20 years. We develop the optimum strategy and set up a tailor-made plan of action to fulfil your specific needs.

Public Affairs & lobbying

Your concern in a nutshell and in the right place. We represent your concerns consistently and professionally on the political level. We build on years of experience in the field of public affairs and are your first address, when it comes to lobbying in Germany, Austria and the entire European Union.

Analysis and consultation

Understanding and using the systems the effective way. At the beginning of our work there is an extensive research and analysis, which builds the foundation for a deeper understanding of your challenge and environment. The focus lays on identifying the right stakeholders and multipliers.

Monitoring, & early warning

Identifying challenges at an early stage and keeping an eye on sensitive topics and their interactions. Observing the political market is mandatory for a sustainable work. We manage this challenge for you and proactively point out potential and upcoming risks.

European interest representation

We are the European experts. Especially if you have to overcome a challenge at the European level, we provide you with our expertise and knowledge about this highly sensitive and complex system and help your concern to be heard at the political level.

Seminars and training

Working successfully and sustainably with political systems is a craft that we are happy to pass on. In working with our clients, we make no secrets of our successful methods and are happy to train your in-house employees.

Our sectors

  • Financial Markets and services
  • Health care and pharmaceutical industry
  • Infrastructure policy
  • Book- and media market
  • Automotive industry Plastics industry
  • Woodworking industry External trade
  • Agricultural policy
  • Service sector

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